High Society Open Meeting

So we’ve taken things a step further.

From open collaboration/live improvisation (still only half-assedly on my end) to an open meeting, which I call now at 12.:am on Saturday, Aug 18th 2012.

I’m focusing on the things I have to make different and special for this upcoming Aug 22 gig at the black dog cafe and wine bar. I’m also warm up typing. Consider this a stretch session. (tops off cocktail)

Our last gig for KFAI was incredible. 7 great guys and one poetess make some good shit happen on stage. The recording did it justice and dear Daniel Zamzow helped to solidify the fabulosity by editing/mixing/mastering like a madman. (**Chris Bates, Bass-Cory Grossman, Cello- Nathan Hanson,soprano Saxaphone, Pete Hennig, Banjo and Aux Perc., Evan Montgomery, Guitar- Greg Schutte, drums)


We’re looking at beauty folks. And not just at my twitter icon or the pictures of me when googled. In all serious, the poems I intend to present are going to be triangulating beauty: as a myth, as a goal, as an object, as a tragedy. . . as a matter of the political/media/monster. . . As Mr. C Bates pointed out- it is a rare thing.

This blog post is intended to help me solidify my goals for this upcoming presentation at the Black Dog that will be recorded for KBEM’s St. Paul Live series.


I need to make the show:

1. different than the last for a) the players, including myself b) the audience and c) THE RADIO/RECORDING.

2. exciting for all of the enumerated components.

3. valuable as an art object, aka GOOD!

This means, moving forward from the standard that we’ve set.

1. NEW WORK (nearly all of it will be, with the exception of only a few tunes.

2. The incorporation of one of my most talented friends/colleagues Steve (steel lung) Kenny — when he played with Todd Clouser, Pete Hennig and I at the Turf Club when we opened for Liminal Phase he was outstanding- did a like 2-3 minute solo in a circular breathing pattern, which is hardly heard from a trumpet.

3. New configurations. 1+1 + Lisa Brimmer = an infinitude of sound. I hope to be operating in small combos from the aforementioned musicians in a directed improvsiational style.

a. Directed improvisational style. Much like before I will “call” a style and the boys will go from there. Here they will have an idea going into it what they might do but it will come down to the live show what will happen. This may mean a music heavy show with poetry. It may not. We don’t know. there is the BEAUTY.

b. I hope for us to be very contemporary in our delivery and as we have been quoted as “the word-Jazz I had always imagined. There’s elements of everything that happened in American music for the last 150 years in there. A true fusion…” (Steve Kenny upon listening to our KFAI joint.

(( Side note- it should be said that I’m listening to my Earth, Wind and Fire radio station on Pandora. Not a plug but these fellas were all accredited musicians, and something happened along the way))


4. FRESH FACTOR: We will bring the fresh factor. and make sure that the   product we provide will be be fresh and not something you can hear anywhere else. mostly because this magnitude of players has not can not will not be seen outside of high society in this manner. That’s because high society is an elusive beast.


more later





there’s no room for argument… #highsociety

I’m working on the next show for high society. Things are going to be a bit different but the thrust generally the same. New work, Hot/haute jazz sounds and a fun time/ great hang. Quality will prevail.

The next episode of high society is titled “Aesthetic Static”.

August 22nd


Black Dog Cafe

No Cover but suggested donation by way of tip jar. (by any means necessary people).

My prized friends Chris Bates (BASS), Cory Grossman (CELLO), Pete Hennig (AUX PERC/BANJO) , Evan Montgomery (GUITAR) and Greg Schutte (DRUMS) will be joining me on stage at the Black Dog Cafe and Wine Bar.

Tacoumba Aiken will be doing live drawing.

We’ll also be joined by a few special guests.

This will be a night of great energy and promise. Let your hair down, let the libations flow and be open, ya’ll. It’s gonna be quite the to do.



MADison After Party

What a hell of a week, blog followers!

Last week High Society had one great gig with Pete Hennig, Todd Clouser and Steve Kenny. It was well acclaimed and felt damn fine to be back in the Clown Lounge. Although I did a stint there once in 2011 with Lulu’s Playground, it felt fucking fantastic to be back down there kicking it as a sophisticate with the Clous’ and other players I’ve been listening to and loving for years. Let alone how much I was gratified by seeing Felix again. He’s major.


Our set went well, could have used a sound guy/volume adjustments here or there but these are things I learn as I go- I’d say we but I’m working on my leadership skills. The onus is on me, my friends. I spent a few days harried not not knowing what to do for our Lodi’s Got Talent Gig and decided on doing a little singing and a little poetry. It actually played well with the audience. the stage was so brightly lit that I couldnt’ see the audience a dot but at the end I heard them mutter pre full applause. One of my rules as an artist is /Never understimate your audience/ it came in handy this weekend. The small town of lodi rose to the occasion of doing things outside the box. My guitarist/friend Evan Montgomery came down to MADtown/Lodi for the weekend, and I tell you what, he made quite an impression. Yes, people, this is how good a guitar can sound?!

one of the last noises was evan punching the neck of his guitar with the reverb running through his new effects board. then we were just like “yeah” and walked off stage. We did exactly what we wanted to do, which was exactly what we do normally for this new audience, and to be really weird about it. It was incredibly liberating.


More later.





Upcoming Gig:Lisa Brimmer and High Society (Todd Clouser, Pete Hennig and Steve Kenny)

7/25 at the Turf Club’s Clown Lounge.


8:00 PM Doors

9:00 PM Lisa Brimmer and High Society: Todd Clouser- guitar, Pete Hennig, Drums, Steve Kenny, Trumpet, Lisa Brimmer (on the mic, speaking).

10:30 (ish) PM Liminal Phase


Come join us.





Lisa Brimmer and High Society on KFAI’s MinneCulture 7/16 7:30pm-8pm

Tune in!!


High Society’s June 13th gig was recorded by KFAI for use in their MinneCulture series.

The episode will air on Monday, July 16th at 7:30 pm!  Click on the link in order to go directly to the internet stream.

It will be available online after air here.

The 6/13 Episode of High Society was brought to you at the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar by: Greg Schutte on Drums, Peter Hennig on Aux. Perc., Chris Bates- Bass, Evan Montgomery- guitar, Nathan Hanson- Soprano Saxophone, and Cory Grossman on Cello.


Thank you to everyone who continues to make High Society possible.



As we move forward, dear reader.

As we move forward, dear reader, I want to run as open a democracy as all possible.

Today I wrote an open letter to the universe on a beach towel half naked on a lake shore. Whether or not it has fallen on deaf ears, we do not know. I’m hoping we can find a way to make this work. All these ideas and motivations and beginnings. I have a few collaborations that I’d like to see fruit and I’d like to continue stage performance in order to continue pushing my poetry out and onto the laps of more and more of you. I thought today about how doing a show/reading on the Library Mall in Madison sometime in July could be at once provocative and on another hand incredibly healing. That what I think most art should do, or what I’d like my art to do most is something I learned from T. Mychael. Whichi is opening woulds, airing wounds but then HEALING wounds. That it is important to consider what circle one has opened and be sure to close it before one abandons the audience member. That’s just being a good neighbor. There’s really something to that, you know. I consider this when writing the deeper poems. I consider this when creating the set lists. These are considerations that a careful and studious musician/performer/actor/storyeteller makes. Not only when doing so are you ensuring that he appropriate space has been created for the harder hitting or more injurious work but you are also making sure that you take care of your audience and ensure their well being before they leave your care.

Things I’m planning:

1. Madison Performances for June 2012. AWe’ll see if High Society tags along and what these moments look like.

2. booking next gig.

3. Booking next gig.

4. Continuing to research Prison Cell.

5. Continuing to write Prison Cell.

6. Continuing to write anonymous.

7. Unfortunately, blogging here more often as part of my accountability.


As we move forward, dear reader, expect to hear more from me.




MPR Article- I have the cutest Mom in the world. Check that comment out

MPR article, thank you David Cazares.

I make the work to make the people visible, but you make the work visible so in essence we are doing the same thing.

The radio edit includes music from the forthcoming Lulu’s Playground CD, which is as of yet untitled.



Listen here too: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/www_publicradio/tools/media_player/syndicate.php?name=minnesota/general/features/2012/06/12/twoworlds_20120612_64



High Society Line Up On Line Bi- (oh!).

Tonight’s Episode of High Society will be brought to you by.

Greg Schutte (Drums)

Chris Bates (Bass)

Evan Montgomery (Guitar/pedals)

Cory Grossman (Cello/pedals)

Pete Hennig (perc)

Ben Doherty (sax)

Nathan Hanson (sax)

Selected original compositions Adam Meckler

Illustration:  Doug Tallala




Post Show Op. . . show off. . . show, stop.

The gig on 6.5.12 was super successful. All the musicians made their ugly faces, had their time to shine and it freakin’ sounded fantastic on top of all that. I also learned a lot in the matter of a few days what the members of this group are looking for and everyone is looking for something different. Which is awesome. My mantra is, “I just need to know what you want so I can give it to you. ”  This is why I’m surprised I don’t make a better girlfriend. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to moving into our next episode.

Doug Tallala  is going to be down there, doing some live sketching of the performance. KFAI will be recording and I have some super special guests that are going to be killing the game . . .

I’m also planning on reading poems that have been “Dead” for a while.

This is going to be bomb as hell. I’m going to post videos and music to some of the other guys concepts in the days counting down to our show!


Here’s Greg Schutte and Chris Bates with Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric in Prague.

Mad Styling.






331 Club Minneapolis with High Society and Ashley Gold 6/5.

Hello Everyone!

Lisa Brimmer will be performing with High Society on Tuesday 6/5 from 10-1045pm in an opening set for Ashley Gold kicking off her residency at the 331 Club.

This episode of High Society will be brought to you by Cory Grossman (cello), Greg Schutte (drums) and Andrew Foreman (bass)  will be laying it down. We will be fortunate enough to have Ashley Gold come on stage for a bit and I’m looking very much forward to our collaboration!

I hope you’ll come down and check it out!