Where I’m at. . .

Sitting here after my meeting with E. Ethelbert Miller I feel OK.

Why just OK? you might ask?

I have work to do.

I have identified that I wasn’t hook line and sinker invested in my work sample (my 2011 10 minute Dear Daughter).  That’s where I’m at. Ethelbert actually hit the head on the mark. In our conversation he told me I need a plan. I began, “I’m going to read more . . .” and he interrupted me citing, “That’s not a plan”.

Point made. That’s just part of the work.

In order to be on the level that I want to be at I need a plan in place.

This meant running out the meeting grabbing my laptop and identifying goals that I have for Poetry (submissions and publication), High Society (Performance and distributable recordings), Theater  (New play production and voice development), etc.

It meant writing down the things I was going to do and deadlines I have to write for in order to meet these goals, beginning with February.

At first I was like- I have nothing, I have no plan, I shouldn’t be doing this. I was looking for a false out. Not writing is no longer an option. That ship has sailed, that’s clear. After completing the list. And as I write this post, I realize that Ethelbert was meeting me where I’m at.

In Transition.

Beginning a journey into a new form.

Finding my voice in that form.

Protecting that voice within collaborative structures.


Ready to move.


Peace Power Progress


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