akademic (POP) art

Akademic them is–

Say who’s who

and who not is.


Akedemic they try–


to steal the thunder from

my thunderous thighs.


Maybe it easier is to reclaim what happened to the people

by calling it innocuous.


jI probably won’t have any children to

tell this to

so I’ll tell you.


Academic Aesthetic

is bringing me down.


What happened to real life

happening to real happening

people– don’t need Akademy

to know I’m good.


I know I’m good.

I know I’m historical.


See– Sometime you got to practice False Bravado.


Akademic Celebrity Folk Art Magical Nomenclature Evolution Blues Pathology, Unpopular Mythology

with no history but the one they claim.


Take it back,

my son.

Take it back,

my father.

Take it back,

Angela Davis.

June Jordan.

Eldridge, Patricia, Janet,

Michael, Frank, Martin, Malcolm

Wesley, Amiri, Laurie, Junot.


Akademic not emprical is,

or is?



Akademic Builds Empire:

Newsfeed reads.


Build empire of minds not trusting their minds their innovation, their spiritualization, animation, contemplation. . .

What is popular notion?

Devation from the empirical institution,

deviation like martyrdom

cannot be both.

cannot be both.

cannot be both.

and claim art, see?


Cannot be both and claim art– so I.

Take it back- Blues, the

cool, the rock, the roll.

the pyramids, the human ingenuity.


This is not ungenuine.


This is not art.





© Lisa Marie Brimmer 2012

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