High Society Open Meeting

So we’ve taken things a step further.

From open collaboration/live improvisation (still only half-assedly on my end) to an open meeting, which I call now at 12.:am on Saturday, Aug 18th 2012.

I’m focusing on the things I have to make different and special for this upcoming Aug 22 gig at the black dog cafe and wine bar. I’m also warm up typing. Consider this a stretch session. (tops off cocktail)

Our last gig for KFAI was incredible. 7 great guys and one poetess make some good shit happen on stage. The recording did it justice and dear Daniel Zamzow helped to solidify the fabulosity by editing/mixing/mastering like a madman. (**Chris Bates, Bass-Cory Grossman, Cello- Nathan Hanson,soprano Saxaphone, Pete Hennig, Banjo and Aux Perc., Evan Montgomery, Guitar- Greg Schutte, drums)


We’re looking at beauty folks. And not just at my twitter icon or the pictures of me when googled. In all serious, the poems I intend to present are going to be triangulating beauty: as a myth, as a goal, as an object, as a tragedy. . . as a matter of the political/media/monster. . . As Mr. C Bates pointed out- it is a rare thing.

This blog post is intended to help me solidify my goals for this upcoming presentation at the Black Dog that will be recorded for KBEM’s St. Paul Live series.


I need to make the show:

1. different than the last for a) the players, including myself b) the audience and c) THE RADIO/RECORDING.

2. exciting for all of the enumerated components.

3. valuable as an art object, aka GOOD!

This means, moving forward from the standard that we’ve set.

1. NEW WORK (nearly all of it will be, with the exception of only a few tunes.

2. The incorporation of one of my most talented friends/colleagues Steve (steel lung) Kenny — when he played with Todd Clouser, Pete Hennig and I at the Turf Club when we opened for Liminal Phase he was outstanding- did a like 2-3 minute solo in a circular breathing pattern, which is hardly heard from a trumpet.

3. New configurations. 1+1 + Lisa Brimmer = an infinitude of sound. I hope to be operating in small combos from the aforementioned musicians in a directed improvsiational style.

a. Directed improvisational style. Much like before I will “call” a style and the boys will go from there. Here they will have an idea going into it what they might do but it will come down to the live show what will happen. This may mean a music heavy show with poetry. It may not. We don’t know. there is the BEAUTY.

b. I hope for us to be very contemporary in our delivery and as we have been quoted as “the word-Jazz I had always imagined. There’s elements of everything that happened in American music for the last 150 years in there. A true fusion…” (Steve Kenny upon listening to our KFAI joint.

(( Side note- it should be said that I’m listening to my Earth, Wind and Fire radio station on Pandora. Not a plug but these fellas were all accredited musicians, and something happened along the way))


4. FRESH FACTOR: We will bring the fresh factor. and make sure that the   product we provide will be be fresh and not something you can hear anywhere else. mostly because this magnitude of players has not can not will not be seen outside of high society in this manner. That’s because high society is an elusive beast.


more later




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