MADison After Party

What a hell of a week, blog followers!

Last week High Society had one great gig with Pete Hennig, Todd Clouser and Steve Kenny. It was well acclaimed and felt damn fine to be back in the Clown Lounge. Although I did a stint there once in 2011 with Lulu’s Playground, it felt fucking fantastic to be back down there kicking it as a sophisticate with the Clous’ and other players I’ve been listening to and loving for years. Let alone how much I was gratified by seeing Felix again. He’s major.


Our set went well, could have used a sound guy/volume adjustments here or there but these are things I learn as I go- I’d say we but I’m working on my leadership skills. The onus is on me, my friends. I spent a few days harried not not knowing what to do for our Lodi’s Got Talent Gig and decided on doing a little singing and a little poetry. It actually played well with the audience. the stage was so brightly lit that I couldnt’ see the audience a dot but at the end I heard them mutter pre full applause. One of my rules as an artist is /Never understimate your audience/ it came in handy this weekend. The small town of lodi rose to the occasion of doing things outside the box. My guitarist/friend Evan Montgomery came down to MADtown/Lodi for the weekend, and I tell you what, he made quite an impression. Yes, people, this is how good a guitar can sound?!

one of the last noises was evan punching the neck of his guitar with the reverb running through his new effects board. then we were just like “yeah” and walked off stage. We did exactly what we wanted to do, which was exactly what we do normally for this new audience, and to be really weird about it. It was incredibly liberating.


More later.





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