As we move forward, dear reader.

As we move forward, dear reader, I want to run as open a democracy as all possible.

Today I wrote an open letter to the universe on a beach towel half naked on a lake shore. Whether or not it has fallen on deaf ears, we do not know. I’m hoping we can find a way to make this work. All these ideas and motivations and beginnings. I have a few collaborations that I’d like to see fruit and I’d like to continue stage performance in order to continue pushing my poetry out and onto the laps of more and more of you. I thought today about how doing a show/reading on the Library Mall in Madison sometime in July could be at once provocative and on another hand incredibly healing. That what I think most art should do, or what I’d like my art to do most is something I learned from T. Mychael. Whichi is opening woulds, airing wounds but then HEALING wounds. That it is important to consider what circle one has opened and be sure to close it before one abandons the audience member. That’s just being a good neighbor. There’s really something to that, you know. I consider this when writing the deeper poems. I consider this when creating the set lists. These are considerations that a careful and studious musician/performer/actor/storyeteller makes. Not only when doing so are you ensuring that he appropriate space has been created for the harder hitting or more injurious work but you are also making sure that you take care of your audience and ensure their well being before they leave your care.

Things I’m planning:

1. Madison Performances for June 2012. AWe’ll see if High Society tags along and what these moments look like.

2. booking next gig.

3. Booking next gig.

4. Continuing to research Prison Cell.

5. Continuing to write Prison Cell.

6. Continuing to write anonymous.

7. Unfortunately, blogging here more often as part of my accountability.


As we move forward, dear reader, expect to hear more from me.




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