Post Show Op. . . show off. . . show, stop.

The gig on 6.5.12 was super successful. All the musicians made their ugly faces, had their time to shine and it freakin’ sounded fantastic on top of all that. I also learned a lot in the matter of a few days what the members of this group are looking for and everyone is looking for something different. Which is awesome. My mantra is, “I just need to know what you want so I can give it to you. ”  This is why I’m surprised I don’t make a better girlfriend. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to moving into our next episode.

Doug Tallala  is going to be down there, doing some live sketching of the performance. KFAI will be recording and I have some super special guests that are going to be killing the game . . .

I’m also planning on reading poems that have been “Dead” for a while.

This is going to be bomb as hell. I’m going to post videos and music to some of the other guys concepts in the days counting down to our show!


Here’s Greg Schutte and Chris Bates with Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric in Prague.

Mad Styling.






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