Lisa Brimmer and High Society at the Black Dog in St. Paul, 6.13.12

Whew, it feels like I’ve been talking about this for a grip but here we are- I’ve put together this kick ass group of musicians whom I’ve spent time with on the scene and dig their style/playing/abilities/sense of humor or all out outrageousness.

Perhaps all of the above. That’s why I’ve brought them all together in one place for us to  build worlds and destroy them like the true humans we are.

Save the Date!–June 13, 2012

Who: Lisa Brimmer and High Society (Chris Bates- Bass, Evan Montgomery- guitar and Greg Schutte-Drums) Inc. Appearances by Cory Grossman, cello and Ben Doherty BariSax

What: Poet, playwright and collaborator Lisa Brimmer is exponentially excited to have gotten it together to bring you her own version of spokenword with High Society.  Chris Bates on bass, Evan Montgomery on guitar and Greg Schutte on drums comprise the core of this highly collaborative movement. This is a group of incredible artists with countless projects and standout voices. Lisa Brimmer and High Society aim to create a spoken jazz scape that will include story, poetry and a  whole lot of play.

Where: The Black Dog Cafe and Wine Bar

Corner of 4th and Broadway, Lowertown St. Paul  MN

When: 8-10pm, June 16, 2012

Why: I think it’s pretty clear.


Event is FREE ($0) and all ages- though, if you’ve met Lisa, you can assume there may be a fair amount of colorful material. 🙂 I promise to play nice.





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