ok, ok I fell off.

I’ve taken some time away from this digitaltastic love affair. . . no wait, cut that. I don’t really love having a blog. I did and then it became like this thing. You know how things in life are always becoming a thing. It became this insurmountable challenge that was never about what it was trying to be about because it was just too self aware. You know what I mean?


I feel like 2012 is a new thing. February to now I’m a person I recognize and admire. Which is cool. I’m taking back my live journal, now. Chronoligizing the anachronistic last few months would make me a cronie. So I will not. But to sum things up and move things forward, I have a new laptop, a chiropractor, a huge thing for necklaces (bracelets are still cool) and am going to get a new tattoo once I’m done with my massage therapy in a few months.

I can’t wait to do all of the art that I have planned in the next few years. Shit’s wild.

Step One: Lisa Brimmer and High Society.

I have brought together some fine f-king talent together in order to do what I’ve been doing, just more of it.

What it comes down to is making a few decisions and trying them out and then drowning in the imminent adoration. (excuse me while I remove my tough from my cheek).

Spokenjazz. DeFn: spoken word poetry with musicians, like a musician with everyone. Storytelling democratized. This form gives the teller certain permissions denied other forms: i.e. slam poetry/page poetry/etc. etc. It is something that can be all things without being any one thing.

Idealist, I know. But I have to honor my notion that this will work as it has been successful in other venues. with other groups and with various audiences.

I have to thank the Black Dog in St. Paul for all of the support. Sara Remke has made it possible for us to have the space for an event in Early June and so we (Evan Montgomery and I) move forward in our collaborative strategies to create mind blowing shit.

I’m waiting to hear back about a few grant proposals and am eye-deep in assisting the ubiquitously lovely T. Mychael Rambo.

Davis was right, I think this is my year. I’m gonna try real hard not to mess any of it up.






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