Tell me- like you done before. . .


I’m sitting down to begin sketching the plan for the next big moment in the journey. 45-60 minutes of stage time with Max Corcoran, Zach Schmidt, Andrew Foreman and various guests (Cory Grossman, Adam Meckler and Evan Montgomery.

I have to navigate various expectations.

This is a limited list but I’m starting:

What are the expectations of a spoken word artist?

story teller




()(what are the expectations of a jazz artist?)()

story telling



technical aptitude

listening ear/sensitivity

((—Specific expectations of feature artists/jazz leaders.–))



fabulosity (personal goal)



supporting the group- highlighting the other players’ strengths.

communicating vision to sidemen clearly



multi-genre components

artistic excellence


the political and the personal


AVAILABILITY: that last one is what informs all of the others for me. I will not accommodate the preconcieved notions of what jazz poetry, spoken word poetry are because I know that so many individuals in the audience may assume that all spoken word poetry is Slam.

I do not slam. I can still perform without doing so. By accommodating your rehearsed notions of what Jazz is, what Theatre is, what music/song is I can hope to expand your collected ideas of what you might like and understand.

It sounds like I am looking to please everyone in the audience. In fact, I think I am. I do not want people to leave because they don’t like the alienating components of Spoken Word and Collaborative art work. The out stuff.

Components that will keep ‘the evening’ cohesive:

structure (thematic, run of show-tempo/flow, types of collaborations/songs, ) these things will offer a throughline for the evening.

strength of work/songs in their individual . . . one moment of weakness and these folks are leaving. . .

That is my largest concern, I’ll be after the mainstage act- the artists releasing their most recent Vinyl Album. . .  Late night Monday night.

I’m just aware of the audiences potential compulsion to bounce. I want to create a space where they’ll want to stay and kick it.

Sweet. I want this show to be the kick off of a fantastic and Mind Annihilating 2012. (Remember that Eve track: Don’t fight that good shit in your ear/ and let me blow your mind).

This show needs to be an extension of Nov’s Bad Ass Late Nite Performance. Optimistically I’ll be able to get Evan up there again, and perhaps mess with each individual Lulu’s guy. . . WE just need to get Steven on keys. Let’s see how this goes.

I’ll be back.

Now listening to:

undun , The Roots 2011 release. pick it up.

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