Strange Perspective presents ‘Nosferatu Unsilenced Cinemaganza’


OCT. 28, 2011


The Rube aka Saul Goode on the One’s and Two’s
10 bucks at the door, 8 bucks from artists – so get that discount and do your self and the artists a favor!

After their first musical effort into the unknown, indie geek pop duo Strange Perspective has produced a textured, rolling score to the silent film classic ‘Nosferatu’ and is showing it at the ambiance-appropriate Patrick’s Cabaret. Along with live, supernaturally charged music and dance, ghost stories, fortune tellers, Professor Oscar’s Side Show Oddities and more; the night will be a classy spiritualist soiree of rich, roiling shadows, living spirits and the walking dead. Setting the tone with last year’s ‘Lost Souls’ Boys Choir in Jazz Funeral’ (and subsequent event), the duo seek to out do themselves with help from drummer Khalil Brewington, dancer/choreographer Erin Sheppard, poets Guante, Lewis Mundt, Lisa Brimmer and more. Come dressed as a turn of the century spiritualist, anything else your imagination offers up or simply come as your naturally freaky self.



I’m very excited to share the stage with Guante again and to see all you beautiful people. Check out the FB INVITE













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