This Season’s Late Nite @phousetheatre

Looking forward, looking forward.

November 12, 2011 at Pillsbury House Theatre’s Late Nite Series I’ll be doing some real out/in stuff with my good friends and longtime collaborators: Adam Meckler and Evan Montgomery and maybe other guests.

((NOVEMBER 5th, 2011: ))
From New York: Matana Roberts
From Minnesota: Curio Dance, Quentin Moore, Sol Light, Katherine Glover, Dylan Fresco, and DJO

At the Non English Speaking Spoken Here: The Late Nite Series, curatorse.g. bailey and Laurie Carlos enter their 14th year bringing some of America’s most dynamic interdisciplinary performers together to explore the cross-currents of contemporary culture through music and sound, text and images, and movement and dance.

When you attend a Late Nite performance, you’re part of a family and every good family has a good meal. That’s why we always serve up great food before you digest some amazing art. Be sure to bring your appetite when you join us for Late Nite. Food from local chefs served at no extra charge starting at 8 pm in the lobby where audiences can mingle with artists before the show.

The show starts at 9 pm

PLEASE come out and kick it with a great night of Talent : Juma B. Essie & Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe, Sun Mee Chomet, Julia Lisbeth, Lisa Brimmer, and Kevin Moore.


Typically the work we do is Avante Garde Jazz Neo Classical. To define it is to detract from it. Plainly we do our own thing. Taking the work out of the Jazz Club and putting it into the Theatre is going to be a wonderfully interesting experiment.


The Great American Loneliness. I am examining the liminal relationship between the American desire for Individualism and the need for community. In our highly self selective age of digital and pluralized social interactions we have grown together apart. More Americans now, high and above over any other time in American history, live alone.   In this era, when we need sugar we do not borrow a cup from our neighbors, we get in our own car and go to the store and get sugar.  To rely on others confounds our innate need and high valuation of self reliance. It makes us uncomfortable.The chasm in our Bipartisan society has become more solidified and problematic than ever.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members.”

I’m still researching not yet rehearsing but I have some pretty great ideas brewing.

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