Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit

Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit

— December 2010

Smiling Cannon shakes his head

when I walk this way. I say

“no” too, only

out of disbelief.

Don’t forget that part.


Build with the tools in your hand.

Dig in with your heals. (Someone gave

(you both

It might be devastating or maybe

something else. All of this

is crucial to the song being heard

being sung

outloud. I know better.

We all know better.


Bet that ain’t the only thing:


tells me the hills

have eyes even in

candelight. If I forgot

your fingers I’d drink tea instead. . .

If I forgot your voice I’d\

fall back on an empty

carton. It has always

worked, always

walked, never

been more than it seemed

at first.


Birds sing(e) my ear drums

and fawns walk in the back lot.


And I muse.



© 2011 Lisa Brimmer

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