All There Is

All There Is

For Z.

Just another

fancy Nabokov Champion of

the underdog.

I create objects with

little or no


It’s a hard thing to love

a cold woman when

she don’t even have a

poem to give you

(give you

If that’s all there is, love is

fleeting– if that’s all there is. . .

(give me

a poem. Undo this beard

of five pound cinder block font

dripping from my chin.

Letters: Just a head heavy with language

which buckles at the neck like

some new


Take it away from me.

Fake it till you make it but,

don’t break it on my chest plate.

He say he won’t lead me,

But that I’m still his street queen

named desire.

Tennessee Style. Wrap

me up in ribbons don’t forget to bow my


Heaven is a precious thing.


A swan song, but perhaps too

far away for you. be charitable with those

chariot kisses, Lover.

Forever is a long time.

Did you ever once think of the horrible

mess to be made around these parts?

It’s obvious.

That is, I’m expected to fill this space with what

could happen– and I’m  a simple walking example

of what can.

I bruise easy.

Look at these knees. And not just because

you touch me.

I feel myself grow older and also hear the feet upstairs.

Ours is a hot oven. Ours is a kitchen chair.

To me you look like an almost sunset I’m just not

ready for. Don’t get caught with your hand in the

Honey Pot, Sugar. You’ve been warned.

Don’t get hoodwinked out of the fine china.

Who needs the cow when the milk is free?

Who needs the cow?

Monkey see, monkey do reminds me too much

of home and

you can’t seem to keep your

hands to your pretty little self.

your Pretty Little Lips smile thank yous

in kisses on my neck. None of this means

anything unless you

stay for morning coffee.

You playing for keeps now, Bang Bang? n

I was never a tragedy to begin with. I just make

the headlines.

Believe you me, love is a simple fiction.

Believe you me, I’ve never loved at all.

(4/20/11), 8yrsl8r


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1 Comment

  1. Liz

     /  September 6, 2011

    You rock. I love you my talented little writer friend! -Liz


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