Long Overdue

SO many updates to make here, very long overdue. I need to respond to a few shows and how things went and where things are going. . .

I am currently at Bull Run, a coffee shop in Minneapolis. It’s nearly the Sesquiscentenial of the first Battle of Bull Run ( Civil War, July 21, 1861)– I think the way I’m memorializing is going to be spending my office hours here throughout the month of July. . . They’re playing Feist as it Thunderstorms outside. The Barista just referred to it as his, “Rainy Day Mix”.

He’s so apropos.

(I put this in my drafts bin so now it actually is 7/21/11 the sesquicentennial  of the Battle of Bull Run. I’ll go there to get a latte later in homage.)

1. Dear Daughter.

It is my belief that my collaboration with SuperGroup was exactly what the doctor ordered for that initial incarnation and exploration of the subject. It provided audience reaction and almost a workshop/production of the piece. We went big: 6 actors (Farrington Starnes, Annette Kureic, Jim Skoog, Adam Erdman, Garrett Vollmer, and Brinsley Davis.), 1 Directing Collaborative- SuperGroup (Erin Search-Wells, Jeffrey Wells and Samuel Johnson).

I feel that it was a huge success. I learned an incredible amount about the strengths and limitations of the story. And after a workshop with Joe Luis Cedillo last saturday we reached dramatic dramaturgical heights.

In future incarnations it will have 3 actors and will be done in more of a Brechtian style. It will be a cycle of 3 plays. I hope to continue dialogue w/ Cedillo and Supergroup re: the show, whose working title has been changed to Chalk Circle.

2. Steel Gun Cold.

After a lightly tumultuous Workshop experience I’m ready to dive back in and write that scene that was missing. The workshop experience at the Playwrights’ Center was great- I had a wonderful time working with Lindsay Marcy (*she’s a genius actor who invests in her characters and the work. ) and Seth Patterson (*also genius, I’ve now shared stage with him as well as had him twice as an actor- I want more.)

This was the first time in about 8 years that my parents had seen any of my creative work. The last time they did was when I had a small concerrt in Lodi Coffee Roaster’s in Lodi, WI my hometown. It was a few hours long and I did a few covers and a few original songs. I was 19 I think? Now, years later they have come to a full length play reading of mine that was three characters, a whole lot of convoluted legacy and incest deep.

I was incredibly nervous about having the first piece they see of mine be this exploration of what do we inherit? How do we define ourselves in relation to our family? Who do we love and how do we claim allegiance? How do we allow ourselves happiness?

This playwright is incredibly excited to delve back in. I had a wonderful experience working with Reggie Phoenix. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him in future renderings of this project and future ones.

I’ve identified a few missing scenes and will be workshopping them over the next few weeks. Optimistically I can send out a draft of this play sometime soon for workshop/production opportunities. I can only hope.

3. Bouy Workshop

Joe Luis Cedillo is in town and we had a tremendous workshop of DD and then we spoke at length on the community and it’s needs here in the TC. While he’s here he’s hoping to workshop some pages. I thought, what an opportunity to get off my ass on an idea I’ve been tossing around since late spring.

I’m starting a workshop collective that has a multi-prong approach. More to come in it’s own independent post and then it’s own independent blog. I think this will be well.

4. Employment.

While I find myself gainfully employed as a waitress, I’m looking for additional PT support. A fellow server, Timmy, and I had a brainstorming session the other day- I’ve always wanted to be a Truck Driver, but that would take me out of town a bit too much, although the sociological benefits would be incredible (Unions, human trafficking, drug use, CD issues and general age/gender/race demographics and interactions would cause any Sociologist to Marvel. ) Record store, Shoe store, book store, stationary store, office max/electronics store, (only potential forms of retail that would allow me to make it to my late 20s.) There was movie theater cashier for the obvious perks, babysitter-older kids,I’m still waiting to be contacted by the CIA for employment as a back-story wrier. I’d like to write book panels for fiction/non-fiction works. . .  the mind truly boggles. I want a cool second job that people are like, “Damn, thats cool”.

I need to add to my mystique.

5. New projects

I’ve got a few new pots on the fire. a)upcoming collaboration with A Love Electric (Todd Clouser’s band inc. Chris Bates-Bass, Greg Schutte- Drums, Todd Clouser-Guitar and Adam Meckler-Trumpet). After a killer experience working with Todd on our Jimi Hendrix Experiment, I can’t wait to see what we come up with. I’m thinking of flirting with my Mick Jagger Theme for the last few months.

Shira tells me I got that Jagger Swagger. It’s true. Life is fun.

b) Chalk Circle is moving into character development but I think I’m still writing in my head. . . Idk if it’s page time yet.

c) Evan Montgomery former collaborative partner in Lulu’s Playground and long time friend gifted me a guitar on the day of my PWC reading of Steel Gun Cold and I’m picking it back up. I don’t think this is a  “Look out music world” moment, but there is definitely a creative expansion taking place in my universe. We’ll see what comes from it.

d) The next two play projects I’m feeling ready to investigate are two different studies on Exile. One of the working titles is “Strangers” but it will totally change at some point- It is also going to be my opportunity to talk about where I grew up- a discussion on smalltown life/values. My mainstreet play in some sense.

The other is going to be more experimental and poetic.

The Palace” is the working title as it is going to stem from my examination of Alberto Giacometti (Swiss Surrealist Sculptor) and his work, “The Palace at 4 a.m.” (1932) and also the work of Contemporary American, Iran born Sculptor/artist/architect Siah Armanjani who’s “An Exile Dreaming of St. Adorno” (regarding Frankfurt School sociologist, philosopher and musicologist Theodor Adorno).

I’m excited to get on the paper trail.

I’ll be posting updates on all of these weekly.

e) I’ll also be continuing my work with Blue Ink and producing new poetry and spoken word on the Third Thursday of every month!

Wishing everyone the best of summer: Sun, fun and forward progression.


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  1. Shira

     /  July 21, 2011

    Explore that Jagger Swagger!


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