So there I was// Bookhouse Trio

So there I was. . . Barbette, (likely): Glass of wine, (likely): in conversation with my collaborators (likely, in this case SuperGroup) and there was live music (also likely, in this case people I didn’t know, but have heard their names. )

Great sentence btws. I nearly write for a living and that is the best that I can come up with as exposition.

So, I’m sititng there in conversation and I hear. . . a clarinet? Wait, what?! Never, oh Ever have I been so excited to hear such glorious wind being tossed over reed. Paul Fonfara (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), Chris Hepola (Drums) and Josh Granowski (Bass) comprise what is known as the Bookhouse Trio. I stopped talking (which is difficult for me to do) and made the side comment, “Huh, Monk’s Epistrophy!”. It was as though I had tripped on a diamond.


“Bookhouse started as a instrumental/jazz side project from a band called Painted Saints, which is Fonfara’s group where he  is singer/songwriter/coordinator. We play in many groups separately as well. We started out playing more standard jazz material with Bookhouse at first, eventually arranging themes from Twin Peaks as I got into the tv show.  We are also really into Thelonious Monk, as we play many of his tunes, as well as arrangements of portishead, fela kuti, and popular themes from the movies,  like ‘rosemary’s baby’ and ‘midnight cowboy’.We are finishing up recording our renditions of Twin Peaks material next  month, with tentative plans to press a small run and make a release show out of it, maybe as early as the fall if we’re lucky.”

This is pleasing music to 2speakease’s ear and if I’m lucky enough to be kept in the loop of upcoming shows I’ll be sure to post it.

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