whoa, whoa, whoa. . . upcoming @AtlantisQuartet live recording session

Some of my favorite people/musicians in the WORLD have an upcoming live recording at the Artists’ Quarter in May!

The Atlantis Quartet

Friday, May 6, Saturday, May 7, Atlantis Quartet Live Recording (9pm $10)

See past posts. You should know these guys: Zacc Harris-guitar, Chris Bates-bass, Brandon Wozniak-saxaphones and Pete “The Boss” Hennig-drums.

I’ve been talking about them since last year. Each of these musicians are distinguished players you’ve seen around town. Their CD Animal Progress is not fucking around. {I voted it my favorite CD in the 2speakease awards (s/o to ALPHA Consumer  who got number 2) }. Atlantis was just voted TC best Jazz Artist by the City Pages . . . after a long standing run at epic rock venue The Turf Club’s Clown Lounge- basically running shit, a recent 6 night- mulitiple city tour (or two or three for the different members inc. Wozniak’s stint with Dave King Trucking Company and Bates’ tour with Todd Clouser’s a Love Electric) they’ve returned home and are ready to dazzle Minneapolis audiences at the unarguably best Jazz spot around town.

If you want real jazz, community with a splash of class.  . . This the joint.




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