A Ballad

It’s poetry month.

I’m posting this here because I want to and I’m like that.



A Ballad for a/m


Those shining eyes

know the difference

between  can and

can not.

Roll on up here,

Charlie Boy.

I got the golden ticket I

got the only ticket for

The Love Supreme.

A Croesus!


The E V O L that is amongst

us and makes us




My father said,

I’m the one

who came before you and showed

you how to be like


Then those simple cats,

in they took soots, they zoot

suits. They walk in here

all tar

and pigeon feather, arm in

lugubrious arm with the whole

establish ) those

eyes         ( meant

something other than

to just wait for spring.

Simply forget your meandering

heart here while I watch

you playing in the dusky

advantages of

the silver spun moonlight.

I call devotion out on its heels.

Toes up, Mother Fucker-

Decline. Comment.

Bumble over all the high

yella hootenanny and bullshit.

It ain’t right, Amigo,

I say to Raul.

He nods.

Clear the air, Mon Frere.

As your chest rises and falls


over the ashes that extend

to show their

burdensome apathy

in the dark green pursuit

of a moral gesture: I look

for something better.

Go on boy,

get it.

Don’t take no prisoners. Don’t

hold no bars. Don’t wait for it

to watch you.

Even on the inside, child,

times get tough.

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