So in the spirit of Bedlam’s 10x10fest I’m going to break into new territory and explore a 100 line found poem as a performance piece for many voices.

WHAT IT IS: so far the concept is fledgling but I KNOW
it will grow to be a stronger idea every day. I’m excited to see what happens.


A Cento is a 100 line body of work that uses found language.

It is a work comprised entirely of lines from other sources.

HOW I’M GOING TO DO IT: I plan on incorporating lines about my adoption (her)story from my Grandmother’s memoir Birthmark, her Blog , my blog, newspaper articles and my adoption record.

These sources will all comprise the language component of the piece. I’m looking for a director that will use a large cast- I’m hoping for around 10 people of varying age/gender/race demographics.

IT will be almost a poem in a round or a chorale of sorts.

Now off to write the proposal.


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  1. Yo! this ought to be interesting….

    your bio gram,

    • Lisa Brimmer

       /  March 15, 2011

      This is going to be crazy. Already looking at Lost and Found and the language is so rich: will set a great prefatory note.

      I’ll keep you posted. I take the Yo as a (Yo u have permission) haha. I’m stealing the language from your writing. I consider it my legacy and you wouldn’t want to deny my birth rights!

  2. Lisa Brimmer

     /  March 22, 2011

    Show accepted! Found Language Project is on. I’m thinking of having the last minute be a MLA style bibliography. My liberal arts education taught me to cite my sources.


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