So There I was. . .

at the corner of whatthefuck? and whoamithistime? Soundtrack provided by Freddie Hubbard and Ornette Coleman.


Thinking to myself how damn lucky I am to be sipping this cinnamon latte and listening to Ornette Coleman on Pandora while a little toll-headed boy sits next to me about to partake (fork and fucking knife in hand) with his father on a donut and wash it down with his Berry Juicy Juice.

You know, it’s cold outside, warm inside and there’s snow on the goddamn ground and falling from the sky too. That’s kind of nice in its own way.

I’m working on my play and have no idea what the F I’m doing but then I realize, hell it’s a god damn LUXURY to be working 50 hrs a week waiting tables here and there and learning about a form you know practically nothing about and not know what the next scene is really about. I don’t even know what this blog post is about.



Little brother over here has abandoned the knife and fork for holding the creme-filled chocolate covered long-john in his hand. Kickin’ ass ain’t easy kid. I think this, and then I think: what has the knife and fork done for me these days?

What’s to beat ass about playing by the rules and playing it safe?

This kid knows. Your gonna go for the sweet stuff and start out in one manner and then go the less safe route and be damned if your shirt sleeves are going to keep clean.

So what’s a virtue anymore?

Loneliness? (Amiri Baraka, he taught me that one. . . just practice it, as I have been. It makes sense.)

Simplicity? (Puritan attempts at ridding myself from Satan’s greed)

Freedom? (George Michael. . . bathroom, earring, model it’sallgoodshit)

How about innocence?

Practicing Innocence as a virtue. Like the spiral staircase I’m staring at that comes from nothing and leads upwards to nothing.

Ain’t nothing in beauty kid, but the climb.

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  1. Ashley

     /  January 13, 2011

    Kickin ass aint easy kid….You got it right Lisa. 🙂


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