EWOCs Do It In Ten Minutes

The Fringe Festival, Minnesota’s own celebration and festival of performing arts takes place August 5-15. Local work, is produced at the many theaters in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Check out a show if you can.

The Unit Collective, the brainchild of Reginald Edmund and Eric ‘Pogi’ Sumangil, was incorporated to debut new, exciting work with a multicultural perspective. Highlighting the work of artists of color, they are taking the Fringe Festival and Rarig Arena by storm.

Split between two bills (please see below for bill schedule), witness a collection of the best 10-minute plays by nine local EWOCs from The Unit Collective’s monthly series, Mpls Madness. These works explore politics, relationships, personal enlightenment and, of course, midget porn star fantasies.

Featuring works by May Lee-Yang, Indira Addington, Jessica Huang, Anton Jones, Joe Luis Cedillo, Reginald Edmund, Eric ‘Pogi’ Sumangil, Saymoukda ‘Mooks’ Vongsay and Pulitzer Prize Finalist Kristoffer Diaz.

AUGUST 6 at 10pm & AUGUST 12 at 10pm:
The Last Time We Got Together by Joe Luis Cedillo
Yellowtail Sashimi by Saymoukda Vongsay
Twin sisters are at odds over sexuality, race, and asianphilia – the superficial appreciation and exotification of all things Asian.
The Hourglass by Jessica Huang
The beginning of time, language and love brought to you in 10 minutes or less.
Three by Kristoffer Diaz
The revolution has begun. By accident.
The Halls Have Eyes by Anton Jones
Two surveillance specialists look, watch, and stare at the drama unfolding on camera at the Paisley Palisades Apartment Complex.

Check out the Fringe Festival website for more information.

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