AFROECO’s film series, finale

Trouble the Water will be showing through the AfroEco film series at the Rondo Library

WHAT: Finale!AfroEco Mini Film Series
WHERE: Rondo St. Paul Library
WHEN: May 8, 2010

Trouble The Water: Winner @ Sundance 2008 Film Festival. *Explicit language
Saturday, May 8: 1:30-4:00 PM w
Named best documentary of 2008 by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists and the African American Film
Critics Association. The Los Angeles Times, New Yorker and many others listed it on the 2008 top ten list.

This riveting film follows Kimberly Rivers Roberts (an aspiring rapper) from before the Hurricane Katrina makes landfall and through the 2 years that follow. We will see how she, her husband and their lowest income and working class communities weather this horrific storm — and our US Government officials. This is Katrina — before, during and after the troubling waters.

This PREMIER showing is FREE! The film will ignite heated debates and suggest helpful solutions for our own communities.

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