Culture as Commons

I think we can all agree,  culture is as inevitable as death or taxes. The things we think, create, the products we buy the clothes we wear, the places we wear those clothes are cultural artifacts, cultural expressions, culturally influenced. Black culture, white culture, Indian culture, Gay culture. The mind truly boggles.

Have we ever thought to discuss or experience the act of culture itself. Culture is audacious to need so much, to change so much, decide so much. It is plastic: though prone to both lag and explosions. It is political, whimsical, fickle, causal.


The Walker Art Center is thinking about it. It is offering the fine members of these Twin Cities to do the same. In somewhat of a curated cattle call, the Walker is opening up it’s adjacent green lot to the public for a compendium of activities throughout the summer months. You might wonder how this is different than, say, a public park.

Beginning June 3 the Commons  is a Performance Piece. Culture, our culture, will be on stage. What makes this curated is that the green space is a gallery. We are props, actors, splashes of color and noise against the green.

This is a great idea.

This will be remembered.

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  1. kate

     /  April 6, 2010

    i’m assuming you were aware of the trafalgar square public performance art thing? i guess it was 2008-2009–somewhere around there. at any rate…they had the public sign up and be art for round-the-clock shifts. at any rate, i’m looking forward to Things Happening here!


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