National Poetry Month // April 2010

April is National Poetry Month and , one of my favorite sites is a really great resource for any lapsed poetry readers to peruse the annals of writers they liked in their youth or to search by theme for some appropriate reading fare. You can sign up to receive a poem in your email inbox (maybe even to your phone) every day for the month of April.

The Minneapolis/Saint Paul area has a plethora of opportunities to get out there to see some real live readings.

The Minneapolis Observer website houses a host of links to different reading calendars.

The lovely people at Rain Taxi have figured it all out though, with their Twin Cities Literary Calendar that brings a lot of sources together.

Pick up some poetry in April!

Abbreviated Suggestions :

e e cummings

Terrance Hayes

Amiri Baraka/ Leroi Jones

Sonia Sanchez

Ishmael Reed

Jericho Brown

James Tate

Marie Howe

Etheridge Knight

Leslie Adrienne  Miller

Li Young-Lee

Michael Palmer

David Mura

Clarence Major

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