AMQ gives me something more rapid than poetry,

I’m just not sure what that something is. The only way to truly speak about jazz is through intangibles.

Adam Meckler Quintet’s appearance Wednesday, February 24th at Honey in Minneapolis *Formerly Jitters*, tickled me golden to match the walls and was about as sweet as the concept itself and probably just as smooth, too. Having been to about four shows in the last month- specifically Jazz,- I was struck with the caliber of performance I was given having seen these cats blow a few times before. The last few Jazz gigs I’ve been to haven’t exactly made the” I’m going to blog about it” cut. They haven’t even made the, “I’m going to stay for my second glass of wine cut” for crying out loud but the AMQ had me thinking about a lot of things.  They seemed tighter, more polished, more responsive to each other and the music. Maybe they’ve always been this way. If anything- I believe they are beginning to expand/explode together. I’m glad to be amidst greatness.

The acoustics couldn’t have amounted for the whole of it.

There was a great energy in the space and in their instruments.  Trumpet player, Adam Meckler pulled out some of his incredible standards, including tracks off of his album For Dad. I was blown away by the brazen new work Meckler is producing but before I shower him with all the deserved praise and recognition I’d like to hit up the other fellas in the group and prop them up (as though they can’t stand on their own, since they did a damn good job keepin’ it straight up on Wednesday).

On a cigarette break, after the second set, I spoke outside with a local musician who had ended up at the show when he came across the name of AMQ’s  unequivocal and succinct saxophonist, Brandon Wozniak ( who is  featured in the Atlantis Quartet alongside tandem guitarist  Zacc Harris). Wozniak brings a fluidity to his instrument that you don’t see too much of. His solos are authentic as his tone comes through rich and ready to wrap you up in his essential smooth.

Harris cuts a rare and raw feature from time to time as all the musicians are given the space to.  His true mastery shines through in his maintenance work: keeping the thematic elements throttling while injecting a bit of a rockandroll/bluesy element that sung to me like god damned siren- tenderness is a gift, people. You can’t teach it. In the same vein drummer Greg Schutte plays by the rules and knows them well. The mean, pimp-like (my approbation) Adam Linz. Where do I begin?  He knows he’s good… We all God Damn Better Remember it Too because, as for any of these guys, if you  forget for even the slightest moment they will pop in and pistol whip you into submission, burgeoning with Talent and a Causality that I just frankly don’t see enough of.

Regarding the compositional elements of the nights expose was littered with all of the glitz that drew me to his work in the first place.  Like tracks from For Dad, these new tracks are so immediate and frivolous and sparing in the same stroke that we see Meckler as a standout with an entourage. There is no upstaging when AMQ takes the stage as there is an undeniable attention to breath within his work as well as a slicing clarity found in the performances of the group on stage.

I hope this strange amount of accolades breeds any complacency in the fingers and on the lips of these talented fellas, I also hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Talent is talent and utilized talent is too hard to find. Pick up their albums. Check out their performances.

Do it, do it, do it.

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  1. You rock.


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