was great, and in fact almost everything I wanted it to be. There are still a few things on my to do list with the city- Jimi Hendrix’ grave, the Experience Music Project the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) as well as this mythical 4 story bookstore. I want to see more of their downtown scene, see a show or two. Hip hop? Rock? Whatever, I’m down to see what it is all about.

Nikki picked me up from the airport after I had flown MSP to SEA FIRST CLASS! It was a fluke, I switched with an old guy who wanted to sit closer to his wife and then a man was sitting in my (new) seat and wanted to switch. His ticket was originally first class. A few glasses of wine and the movie Love Happens later I’m in Nikki’s Jeep and on my way to Ft. Lewis.
We had our Chipotle, I had my first Trader Joe’s Experience and we spent a good 45 minutes in DSW. Hilarious. Saturday PM- as you can see by my minieasyspeaktweets- We went to Umi Saki and then next door to the Frontier Bar and eventually to Tia Lou’s and got our dance on. We danced like we were paid to dance (kept my clothes on) and even got the joy of a little gang related interaction out on the smoker’s porch and ended the night in true Tony Bourdain with some street food after bar close. This last part really made me like Seattle more.
At the Frontier I met a fellow Wisconsin(er), Rhys, who will be coming to the CIties for school within the next few years. He was a true ambassador and I hope we keep in touch.
It would seem that there are aspects of Seattle that are difficult to love. The crazy street yellers, the confident homeless (two DIFFERENT groups), everybody has their yuppies, their angsty, thugs and uppity. I really felt all of these groups were quite warm, and in the same club, which was interesting. Minnesota seems to be warm in a selective- if you are in you are in of not, good luck sort of way. The people of Seattle have maybe seen a bit more, been more exposed and more cosmo-polite, which I think we all could strive to be. Maybe there are similarities in our exposure to nasty,frightening weather. Maybe the difference is the stagnancy of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro statistical area’s population and the transient nature of the Seattle MSA.

Food for thought!
I’m hopefully off to snap some pictures- first time in years- and headed to the MIA to look for a long time at Kehinde Wiley’s painting. (yes, the painting is the whole reason I’m going).
Peace and Love.


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