Mission Statement

This space has been a fledgling enterprise over the last few months of inception. What I have found after deliberation and brief experimentation is that there will be no lines. There will be no lines between what I hear and see and feel. I am wanting to create a space where there is collusion between the art of others and my journey. A space where there is conversation between art and the current events of the world and music and my writing and the writing of others. There will be links and I hope there will be conversation. Let ME know. I am also receptive to emails at LMBRIMMER@LIVE.COM.

Let us conversate for a minute.

I want take a  moment to sign out of 2009 and a decade of aughts. The closing of a calendar year always fills me with great hope and a brief mourning period- lasting something like 15 minutes-is taken. As we close out this year and decade I am thinking about the friendships gained and lost and rekindled, trips taken, bars visited, the loves and heartbreaks, addictions reconciled and those accepted.  This last year I made resolutions to try to act in manners which weren’t all together in my character, hoping for prosperous outcomes. Exercise a little of that free will that makes us supposedly different than turtles.

I quit my comfortable job in order to be the writer/artist I want to be/am able to be.

In the next year I am taking it a step further and would like you to join me. 2010 is the year of production. 2010 is about production/writing/drafting/extirpating a past and a perspective and knowledge.  It is about blurring and eradicating the lines and notions of lines. 2010 has nothing to do with any variation of modernism-post-post-realist-expressionism-post-anything. 2010 is about explosion.

I want you to explode onto the page. Explode onto the stage.  We are beings of power. In the past 10 years we have lived. We laugh, we cry, we are educated, we read, we sing and fuck and climb and breathe. We breathe.

Our Artists/ Entrepreneurs/Mothers/Fathers/Innovators. This is a call to explode into whatever world you want to live in. 2010 is about target and attainment. 2010 is about mission.

In 2010 I want you to tell me about yourself. Use your words. Use your language. In 2010 I want you to tell yourself something about you. Do something. Tell me about that too.  We breathe

Some will get left behind.  Some will continue to follow. Either you are in or you are out. You may be missed but you will be replaced. Others want to explode. Others want to watch the inspiration, the incendiary moment will give rise to smoke.

We breathe.

We are going to need an audience.

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  1. word. we really need to work together in 2010.

    • Lisa Brimmer

       /  January 5, 2010

      Yes yes and yes. I have some ideas in mind and am already working on a play. We’ll need to chat soon.


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