I’ve been gone so long

but I’m back now. Last night went to an amazing set at the Dakota- they have a terrific late night jazz set featuring the emerging and the established. The Adam Meckler Quintet featuring one of my favorite and, objectively, most talented young men in the Twin Cities Jazz Scene, Adam Meckler. You may remember him as the sometimes trumpeter for the Tesfa Quintet where he showcased many an original composition and riffed you till your heart contorted, leaving you on the floor in a dripping heap of emotion and passion… in a good way.The man can fuckin’ play.

Pick up his new CD For Dad or you’ll regret it.

Go to his gig- come with me hell, you’re reading my blog, on Tuesday December 29th in the Clown Lounge at the Turf Club ($5 Cover).

Check out his website:


listen to some tunes- if you miss out on him now, you’ll hear from him later, but you won’t be as cool and your children will be pissed at you later in life.


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  1. Lorraine Dusky

     /  December 21, 2009

    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas…I’ve been thinking about you.


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