Minneapolis Poet Publisher and Activist, Chaun Webster, to open Ancestry Books

Ancestry Books Pop-Up Bookstore is an effort to bring literature from under-represented authors to the community of North Minneapolis.

From Chaun: Greetings Friends and Family,

I’ve been in conversation with you all to some level about our bookstore dreams.  As you may or may not know North Minneapolis doesn’t have a single bookstore and the number of spaces doing great cultural work are rare.  We need more spaces to read, to build community, to organize and build power.  We are looking to add to the conversation as we have secured a space for Ancestry Books and are looking to launch in June.  Particularly we will be focusing on work from Indigenous authors and authors of color who are severely underrepresented in most libraries, bookstores and public school curriculum.

“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”   Audre Lorde”

Chaun Webster

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Peace Power Progress


Lisa Brimmer

Toki Wright and Big Cat Beats drop a new track




Where I’m at. . .

Sitting here after my meeting with E. Ethelbert Miller I feel OK.

Why just OK? you might ask?

I have work to do.

I have identified that I wasn’t hook line and sinker invested in my work sample (my 2011 10 minute Dear Daughter).  That’s where I’m at. Ethelbert actually hit the head on the mark. In our conversation he told me I need a plan. I began, “I’m going to read more . . .” and he interrupted me citing, “That’s not a plan”.

Point made. That’s just part of the work.

In order to be on the level that I want to be at I need a plan in place.

This meant running out the meeting grabbing my laptop and identifying goals that I have for Poetry (submissions and publication), High Society (Performance and distributable recordings), Theater  (New play production and voice development), etc.

It meant writing down the things I was going to do and deadlines I have to write for in order to meet these goals, beginning with February.

At first I was like- I have nothing, I have no plan, I shouldn’t be doing this. I was looking for a false out. Not writing is no longer an option. That ship has sailed, that’s clear. After completing the list. And as I write this post, I realize that Ethelbert was meeting me where I’m at.

In Transition.

Beginning a journey into a new form.

Finding my voice in that form.

Protecting that voice within collaborative structures.


Ready to move.


Peace Power Progress


What time has told us.

Some people use words as a weapon.

I pick up the book you gave me and see you sprawling on sheets.

See me sprawling on sheets and want more for those forms.

I think this is what time has told us.





Copyright Lisa Marie Brimmer, 2013.

akademic (POP) art

Akademic them is–

Say who’s who

and who not is.


Akedemic they try–


to steal the thunder from

my thunderous thighs.


Maybe it easier is to reclaim what happened to the people

by calling it innocuous.


jI probably won’t have any children to

tell this to

so I’ll tell you.


Academic Aesthetic

is bringing me down.


What happened to real life

happening to real happening

people– don’t need Akademy

to know I’m good.


I know I’m good.

I know I’m historical.


See– Sometime you got to practice False Bravado.


Akademic Celebrity Folk Art Magical Nomenclature Evolution Blues Pathology, Unpopular Mythology

with no history but the one they claim.


Take it back,

my son.

Take it back,

my father.

Take it back,

Angela Davis.

June Jordan.

Eldridge, Patricia, Janet,

Michael, Frank, Martin, Malcolm

Wesley, Amiri, Laurie, Junot.


Akademic not emprical is,

or is?



Akademic Builds Empire:

Newsfeed reads.


Build empire of minds not trusting their minds their innovation, their spiritualization, animation, contemplation. . .

What is popular notion?

Devation from the empirical institution,

deviation like martyrdom

cannot be both.

cannot be both.

cannot be both.

and claim art, see?


Cannot be both and claim art– so I.

Take it back- Blues, the

cool, the rock, the roll.

the pyramids, the human ingenuity.


This is not ungenuine.


This is not art.





© Lisa Marie Brimmer 2012

Tonight at the @blackdogstpaul–hit at 8. Akademic (POP) Art w/ High Society

Be there.





Shameless Self Promotion Friday! High Society Facebook Page up and running. . .

I usually don’t care nany  more than anyone else does, but I really hope you’ll like High Society’s Facebook Page:




Till Next Time.





10/11 High Society at Aster Cafe and new member announcement!!

1. wrap up: I am pleased to announce that the first installation of Akademic (POP) Art went incredibly well.

We dug our heels in to some of my original work, I read a cover poem of Amiri Baraka’s, Ta-Coumba Aiken joined us on stage and then we really pulled out all stops on a new original poem “PROOF”. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to read it.

The guys (Steve Kenny, Evan Montgomery, Brian Courage (virgin high society voyager) and Cory Grossman) sounded great and we all had a lot of fun. There was a great turnout and let me tell ya, this group keeps evolving and it is ever so exciting to be a part of the movement.

2. Gig announcement: Excited to drop the details on our UPCOMING October 11th Gig 9:00 pm at the Aster Cafe in NE MPLS. HIGH SOCIETY is lucky enough to be opening for a Todd Clouser Trio (Todd Clouser-Guitar, James Buckley-Bass, Greg Schutte- Drums).

This will be our inaugural gig with Kahlil Brewington and will include Steve Kenny and Evan Montgomery.

Kahlil is a fantastic multidimensional artist. I can’t wait to work with him, I know he is a fantastic listener and is familiar with making intergenre art. His sound is something that I know will work well with the other musicians. Can’t wait.

We hit at 9:00 and the Clouser’s group hits after us. Come hang.

That’s it for now,



Akademic Pop Art: An introduction in essay.

Akademic POP Art.

  1. Academic Elitism

For me what this comes down to is thinking about what Akademy is. . . the Capital A, 3rd and 4th definitions of Akademy. Akademy like a society of learned persons organized to advance art, science, or literature or Akademy like a body of established opinion widely accepted as authoritative in a particular field[1].  Akademy is the institution that somehow knows better than the people.  The institution that builds walls around permissible knowledge, permissible points of view, permissible value systems it becomes more about power, prestige and property (wealth) that are seen as belonging to an elite Akademy and the separation of culture as understood and valued by that elite Akademy from the very people who consume these goods of information.

Lisa Brimmer

2.Stratification versus Shared Language

As a trained sociologist, I can’t help but acknowledge how Weber’s three dimensions of Social Stratification are entirely too apropos in their explanation of how Akademy works in order to oppress the mass population and their ideas about what is art and what is beauty. Power, prestige and wealth are the engines, not only of status, but also of oppression. And in the Akademy it is the ideas that are oppressed and the content that is oppressed. Things are funneled and taxonomies are established with rigor to the point of futility because the ideas do not float around as they do in culture, as they do in human beings- unless under some sort of cross-theoretical explanation. The Population, the feeble, average human is somehow deemed unable to access that which is of Akademic standard, that which is of Akademic integrity and so the notions of Popular media are denounced as less compelling, less innovative and more arbitrary to the ever important historical cannon with its particular westernized tendencies such that, it is my conclusion, that one period, one epoch, one era of these elites does not know what will be remembered. Each feeble minded human will remember some of this and some of that- we are not bound to the confines of Akademic versus Popular unless we bread down the blinders and see how this post industrialized ”world” that we live in has been theorized to death and in fact, many of us are products of it- the binds of academy, but far worse, the growing disparity between the haves  (ELITES) and the have nots (Common People) leave for a gap in understanding and shared basis of knowledge. How do we ever have a conversation without a shared language?

3.POPular mythologies

Popular music, Popular media has brought us treasures and has brought us movements. I don’t know that you can say that academy has brought movements because how it feels is that the aggregate responds to popular media: literature art film and moves with new understandings into their next moment which produces new popular media or culture. The Academy, the intellectuals they respond to the responses, they respond to the popular media, but often times, they do not create this media. Nor does their rhetoric have much value on the sidewalks. It doesn’t matter that we recognized that jazz was once political. Jazz is still political, but in an akademic way- to the experts on music, and culture, and race and theory. To the individuals with the specialized training that can understand that an all white jazz band is different than a historically black institution of jazz music and culture. And that the popularization, the broadened popularization of the music caused that change, much like we see it causing a change in Hip Hop, for instance, is important, is meaningful and political from a Pop perspective as well as from an academic one. People think the E Book will be the fall of civilization in terms of quality writing, quality content. What will happen when the masses get passed the pen? How can I view this fear, this unqualified xenophobia, as separate from the expansion of literacy and the democratization of this very thing which we seek to control and appropriate at our (ELITE) whim?

4. Where is art?

“Does art fall somewhere in between?” Is the question. “Does art have to be one thing or the other?” Is the question. I struggle with what my art is, and what neighborhood my art lives in, because I almost don’t want to be too popular in either direction. I don’t want to be too directly spoon fed by my indirect mothers and fathers in the academy- the canonized, intellectual parents that raised a good egg, able to think for herself because I don’t have an emotional connection to them. It is almost as though, in some respect, I am adopted by that Akademy but I still feel this unexplainable longing and need for my emotional parent of pop culture and pop media.[2] I have a thirst to drink from its array of insipid, circus like spectacles and to feed off of its sustaining voice of street level politics. Pops explanation of the good old boy, the young single female, the aging and the family unit. I devour its exaltation of the human experience and the privilege it offers into human interaction with all its faults, stereotypes, archetypes and disclaimers.

5. Akademic Pop art and High Society

This Akademic POP Art experiment doing with High Society is largely a response and a step forward from our inquisition of Beauty in Aesthetic Static[3]. In asking how we know beauty, navigate beauty and create beauty we are asking for some sort of proof of value. This is always going to be political. This is always going to be a confrontation of personal standard versus popular myth. These are always going to be present. We are always going to be thinking about how we are thinking, and whose ideas are showing themselves in constant battle for how we do what we do as artists. As a Black Woman Artist I have been socialized into a White-Male Dominated culture. Or so it appears.[4] I have been stereotyped before I knew what racial stereotyping was. . . I didn’t know that white people were a certain way, or that Latinos were a certain way. I actually still think we are all the same way, but in a different regard that is not for this essay. As an artist, I can’t help but think that what I say is just as important as how I say it. I want to be Academic, in an expert like way, I want to be a Popular artist, in each breath I take, and line I write, not in how I am remembered, but how I am actively engaging that tension in order to produce new work, fresh work and honest work. That is what I value most, honest work and implied then is honest critique of that work.



[2] I love my adoptive parents very much- internal tension prevails. It is a chicken and egg thing : IDK if Akademy or POP is chicken or egg- and that is not at issue here.

[3] 8/22 Black Dog Café and Wine Bar: see poems Ruby, Lite Brite, Proof, Stray Dog, etc.

[4] This seems arbitrary but think Power, Prestige and Wealth- think of our nation, think of the powers that be in academy and Popular media/mythologies: who has them!!